"It is known we can prevent physical illness with proper exercise and nutrition. It must also be known we can prevent mental illness with quality self care."

- Becky Lauridsen, Founder of IOME

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Mental wellness in the workplace through onsite or telehealth mental health support provided directly to your employees

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IOME is disrupting the traditional EAP and offering a new, risk-free, and effective EAP directly to your team

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Allow an IOME Trained Supporter to present and speak on various topics related to mental health and self care for your employees

Current Satisfied Employers

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Mental health is a key part of how your team members show up and contribute to work. IOME develops custom partnerships with companies to increase the mental health, happiness, overall wellness, and productivity of employees. 

Why does your team need this?

According to a recent Forbes article, onsite therapy gives a 4:1 return on investment.

World Health Organization estimates 12 billion working days will be lost due to untreated depression or anxiety by the year 2030.

1 in 5 adults will experience mental illness and half go untreated.

Over 80% of employees treated for mental illness report improved levels of work efficacy and satisfaction.

According to Harvard Business Review, the psychological and physical problems of burned-out employees cost an estimated $125 billion to $190 billion a year in healthcare spending in the US.

Research shows that stressed employees incur 46% more health-related expenses than employees who don't suffer from high-stress levels.

Only 6.9% of employees use their EAP benefits.



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Weld County Employees

What helped you in your decision to book an Onsite Mental Health Support Session?

"The easy accessibility of a link to sign up and that I didn't have to go through EAP to actually talk to someone. When you need support, you need it now, not a week or two down the road." 

"The flexibility to do this during the day while at work. This option made it easier for me to seek assistance."

"Lunchtime appointments, no cost, length of visit, no need to travel across town or to another town."

"Easy to schedule, private, and free!"

"No cost and easy onsite access."

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Weld County Employee

Has the Onsite Mental Health Support Program been helpful to your overall success and productivity at work? 

100% Reported Yes

"It has allowed me to vent, get things off my mind, and then allows me to focus more once I get back to work."

"Able to think clearer - put stress in perspective. Allowed me the time to stop and focus on what is interfering with my work."

"I can be more focused on my work instead of consumed by things going on in my personal life."

"Gives me confidence in my employer for providing this wellness service at no cost and showing consideration for my wellbeing."


Becky, Founder of IOME, is passionate about providing individualized support based on your employees' needs, your site, and your overall workplace productivity. 

Schedule a meeting to discuss what these needs are with Becky, and she will personalize a package specifically for your place of employment.

Schedule Call with Becky


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Owner Review

"Our team has greatly benefited from IOME's services.

The team of therapists at IOME is simply amazing. And with the difficulty and delays associated with getting quality mental health services these days, having this team of amazing Colorado-based practitioners available for each of our team members is priceless.

Becky even goes the extra mile for our firm and puts together a carefully compiled monthly mental health bulletin specifically tailored for us. It includes resources and discounts related to self-care practices like red light therapy, massages, and fitness classes.

We highly recommend IOME for any small business looking to provide such a high-quality benefit to their team."

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Wellness Program Coordinator

"Becky Lauridsen, Founder of IOME, is a passionate advocate for your mental well being. She shares her knowledge, experience, and resources with great empathy and grace. 

When the pandemic hit like a tidal wave, we called upon Becky to help us bring support to our employees. She quickly responded by giving our employees the gift of support with hope and compassion. She gave them tools to learn to understand that they are not alone, to understand what they are really feeling, and how to take care of yourself during a pandemic and beyond.

Our employees continue to look forward to Becky's presentations. We are grateful for every webinar and one-on-one session that she has offered our employees." - Angie R.

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Recreation Division Manager

"My company has been partnering with IOME since late 2020/early 2021 and we can’t express how amazing Becky and her team have been to us. Our journey started with enneagram coaching which provided our team valuable insight on how to communicate with one and another and helped build a great team focused dynamic. In recent months, we have expanded our partnership to include counseling, monthly newsletters, mental health resources to all staff, and access to IOME’s great indoor infrared sauna. When surveying our team about the expansion of our partnership team members expressed how great their experiences have been. Here are a few staff member testimonials “I have used their sauna now 3 times and have been helped by different staff members who all have been great. They work well with my daughter too. They make for a very welcoming and comfortable environment.” “Becky and the IOME Team have been responsive, professional, and helpful throughout this past year. Their willingness to come on-site and teach our team about what they offer has been much appreciated. I personally have enjoyed digging into the process of the enneagram with Becky and learning how I can utilize that information to improve my daily life with awareness of myself and others.” Thank you IOME team for providing us the resources to live our best lives."

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City of Fort Collins Employee

"Loved this one! Love all her sessions! Biggest take away was the difference between self-indulgence and self-care. Also have a list of positive triggers to refer to when needed."

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City of Fort Collins Employee

"Very good webinar. I learned I do have high stress levels and even many of the signs of burnout. It's prompted me to seek coping tools and even talk to my doctor."

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City of Fort Collins Employee

“Becky is a fantastic presenter, she has a power to connect. I loved the worksheet that she passed along on the Emotional Stability tool kit, really emphasizing the Self Care during this time."

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City of Fort Collins Employee

“This was very helpful in terms of managing my stress and balancing concern for COVID and work/life balance. Sometimes just coming together with folks (even virtually) is enough to ease anxiety and stress."


Free 5-Day Self Care Challenge

Start the process now! Here's a 5-Day Challenge to kickstart your employees self care journey! Sign up to receive the printable document to send to your employees. You can have them take the challenge independently or schedule a time for Becky to lead the challenge with a free lunch + learn event (virtually or in-person).


Get The 5 Day Self Care Challenge Here

Get to Know Our


Trusted, Licensed Professional Therapists + Certified Wellness Coaches

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Krista Sheets, LPCC

Ft Collins, Greeley & Windsor, CO + Virtual

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Madison Belus, LPCC

Ft Collins, & Windsor, CO + Virtual

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Angie Rhodes

Certified Health & Wellness Coach 
Certified Personal Trainer

Ft Collins, & Windsor, CO + Virtual

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Maren McDonnell, LMFT

EMDR Trained


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Ashley Braund, LPC-S

Windsor & Fort Collins, CO + Virtual

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Sydnie Rock, LPCC

EMDR Trained

Greeley & Windsor, CO + Virtual

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Bradey Disbrow, LPCC

*Currently not accepting clients due to paternity leave
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Kelly Otterson, LPC-S

IOME Program & Clinical Supervisor
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Laura Rivas, LPCC

Ft Collins, Greeley & Windsor, CO + Virtual

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"I love what IOME stands for. The program, and Becky specifically, has challenged me to explore the unknown areas of my life. I've learned to be mindful of setting intentional goals and thankful to be apart of the community that this program provides!" - IOME Member

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