You deserve the best because your loved ones deserve the best of YOU, not what's left of you.

The Journey to Guilt Free Self Care

Hello there, I'm Becky Lauridsen, the proud founder of IOME.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I've come to a startling realization that self care is often overlooked, particularly among men and significantly in women.

You might find yourself grappling with issues such as anxiety, depression, guilt, unresolved trauma, low self-esteem, overwhelming stress, excessive fear, body image concerns, and self-limiting beliefs... just to name a few. The most concerning part? You might believe it's entirely 'normal' to feel this way.

I, too, once considered it 'normal' until I reached my breaking point.

Are you nearing your own breaking point?


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Years ago, I thought it was "normal" to feel this way until I hit a breaking point. Sorry to disappoint, my breaking point isn't dramatic, it isn't even exciting. But I can imagine it may be relatable to some of you reading this.

For me, my breaking point was when I realized I was living life on autopilot; just showing up, clocking in and out, not fully present and full of negative emotions. The sadness, anger, shame, guilt, and frustration was taking its toll. But, though my emotional state was unstable I thought this "normal", living half-present was all I had to offer. Then I had the harsh realization of how my negative emotions were impacting my husband and daughter (only one daughter at the time). That was my breaking point. I was not going to raise a daughter (now two beautiful daughters) to think that it's okay to simply survive life instead of thrive in life!

I am a wife, mother, career woman, and the proud founder of IOME. I see a therapist on a regular basis. I take naps, shower (almost daily), wash my face every night, wear makeup, go to church, cuss a little, take bubble baths, go on long walks, take vacations, and binge watch Netflix when I need to “check out”!

You can do anything but not everything.
What are you doing to fill your cup? We all know we can't pour from an empty cup. 

Taking care of yourself is a necessity, not a luxury.

Better Together, 

Becky Lauridsen
IOME Founder

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