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Offering guilt-free self-care services to women with convenience and confidence.

IOME offers self-care memberships to women like your; women who need more, want more, and deserve more.

We’ve all heard the saying “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” Let IOME help you fill your cup, giving you plenty to offer your loved ones, your career, your EVERYTHING and still have enough left over for you!


I Owe Me...

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, it became alarmingly clear that women do not get enough self-care. The majority of women are dealing with things like anxiety, depression, guilt, past trauma, low self-esteem, feelings of overwhelm and stress, excessive fear and worry, poor body image, and limiting self beliefs... just to name a few. The worst part, women think it is completely "normal" to feel this way.

Take our free self-care assessment today!


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