How to accomplish truly guilt free self care!

Have you ever experienced buyer’s remorse? Or have you ever felt bad for spending time or money on yourself? If you have, let me tell you that you are not alone. We recently gave 5 tips for starting a self care routine and if you haven’t started one already, go back and read it so you know where to start. For the rest of us who have started a self-care routine, have you found yourself feeling guilty about the time, energy and money you've spent on you? We get it, but we don't agree with it. We’re going to focus on the next step; accomplishing guilt free self care.

IOME was very intentional with our mission of guilt free self care. There’s a reason the guilt free was added. Too often there are feelings that creep in after we ‘treat ourselves’ that inhibit us from wanting to do it again in the future! Here’s to ending that feeling of guilt and feeling free with every act of self care from here on out.

1.Plan for it.

Plan your self care activities, at least for now. When we plan it ahead of time we are able to truly find what our best self care practice is for us. Make a plan of items you want to accomplish daily, weekly and monthly. You can even take it as far as quarterly, or yearly. Write it down so you plan out what your best self care is. Planning it out also lets our spouses and family members know what we're going to do. 

2. Budget for it.

This is where the buyers remorse often comes in. If you’ve planned out what your self care is going to look like, at least for the very near future, you’re well equipped to create a monetary plan to cover it. Yes, the b word. Make sure you budget for your self care so you don’t over spend and feel bad about it. Some self care services are more expensive than others- that’s okay. Whether it’s a $15 new book or a $500 spa day, budget it out. IOME can help you save serious money on your self care practices with a membership!

3. Schedule it.

When you schedule the self care practice into your calendar you’re a lot less likely to feel guilty because you’re not taking away from anything else. We can’t always plan ahead because, um, hello…life! But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. For example, if you plan your massage for later in the week or month you’re a lot more likely to feel relaxed for the massage because you were able to accomplish what was necessary prior and focus on just the massage. If it’s in your schedule you know it’s happening and can tackle any other items prior so you can truly focus on your self care.

4. Stick to it.

Don’t cancel, don’t convince yourself otherwise and don’t feel bad about putting yourself first! Remember, you deserve the best because your loved ones deserve the best of you. You’ve made it this far with planning, budgeting and scheduling it- don’t give up now! Follow through with what you have planned. Try not to let anyone else, especially yourself, convince you from spending the time and money on yourself. Repeat: You. Are. Worth. It.

5. Keep it going.

Once you master steps 1-4, do it again. Do it over and over and keep perfecting it! You are worth every investment, big and small. Self care is an ongoing, ever-changing process that requires our attention regularly. Sometimes you will feel like you’re doing it all perfectly, and sometimes you will feel like you won’t.

Above all of those feelings, IOME wants you to experience truly guilt free self care.


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