The big reveal is here: NEW IOME community levels

Earlier this month IOME announced that things are changing. Well, now is the time to tell you how things are changing. 

IOME is launching three brand new membership types. There are components that are staying the same like: 

  • discounted therapy
  • discounted self care services and products from business partners
  • weekly check-ins and accountability 
  • monthly included therapy sessions (depending on the level) 
  • access to email list for self care tips and ideas 
  • events 

But, there are also new, exciting features coming to IOME with the new year: 

  • monthly live mental health training (mind)
  • tools and action plans for physical wellness (body)
  • tips and tricks for your soul, plus deeper discounts and freebies (soul)
  • professional enneagram testing and analysis 
  • monthly deep dive in a small group setting

Each 'level' of community will incorporate many of these new additions, one in particular will have it all. A lot of time, prayer, consultation, and work has been put into these changes and IOME truly believes these changes are going to be powerful to our member's success. 

For a full breakdown of each community member level, check out the graphic below. Each community level builds on the one right before it, for example; Community + includes everything in the community level and the Community + level. Cool right? 

Ready to commit to your best self care practices and start 2021 off right?! Stay tuned for more information and how to sign up. Need more information? Set up your free consultation today! 


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