Burnout: How you know you've reached your limit

Sep 24, 2020

Burnout is more common now than ever before because we are living in an era of doing everything! We are connected to things all of the time and rarely truly take a break from the things that bog us down. IOME's trained supporter, Mackenzie, is here to share with you what the signs of burnout look like and how you know you have truly reached your limits.

Mackenzie, one of IOME's Trained...

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Cold or warm showers? You'd be surprised what health experts say.

Oct 13, 2019

There are hundreds of resources out there recommending cold showers over warm ones. Believe me, I was surprised to hear this, too. Maybe surprised isn't the right word, more shocked! Who the heck in their right mind wants to take a cold shower? I sure don't! 

I started researching and looking into the reasons as to why and much to my surprise, I'm actually excited to see how it can...

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