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Cold or warm showers? You'd be surprised what health experts say.

There are hundreds of resources out there recommending cold showers over warm ones. Believe me, I was surprised to hear this, too. Maybe surprised isn't the right word, more shocked! Who the heck in their right mind wants to take a cold shower? I sure don't! 

I started researching and looking into the reasons as to why and much to my surprise, I'm actually excited to see how it can benefit me! I encourage your to make an #IOMEPromise this week and take a cold shower. Just start with one, then maybe make your way up to a couple times per week, then every shower. 

Health experts say it helps: 

  • increase altertness
  • improves immunity 
  • promotes better circulation
  • promotes fast muscle recovery 
  • promotes emotional resilience 

And this is just the tip of the iceberg (pun very much intended). If you're not convinced yet, do some research of your own. I bet you'll be quick to find countless other health benefits from the cold water. 

Ready to give it a try?! I am with you! I heard about the benefits of cold showers a long time ago and just never took the plunge. Now is the time! I promise myself I will take cold showers this week. Let's do this! 

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