Three Reasons WHY IOME Is Changing...

Hopefully you've heard the news that things are changing in IOME. If you haven't here's a quick recap: because of the growth of IOME, the membership structure is changing. The intent is to create an all-encompassing 'one-stop-shop' for all things self care. 

Starting January 1, 2021 IOME will provide three new levels of memberships


Community +

Community + Pro

Without divulging too much of the good news right now- don't worry that will come- we want to share the heart behind it all...

  1. A huge reason for changing the structure? You. We want the IOME community to reap the benefits of affordable Guilt Free Self Care (and when we say affordable- we mean it! It will cost less than a couple of lattes per month to get what IOME is offering). Plain and simple; we want to make it accessible to everyone who is seeking self care.
  2. Community is one of IOME's pillars. If you didn't read the definition at the top, scroll up really quick and read it. It's what drives us to create a safe and inviting space for everyone to feel welcome- physically and emotionally. IOME hosts monthly events with the full intention of connecting and growing together as a strong community seeking self care. This will continue to happen more often and better than ever before!
  3. IOME's intention is to create a 'one-stop-shop' for all things self care. This includes the mind, body and soul. Now members will participate in trainings and/or events, receive content, and enjoy extra perks each and every month. This is IOME's commitment to our members for encompassing the entire mind, body and soul. Rest assured, discounted self care, including therapy, will remain intact. 

There is nothing more important to IOME than creating a community of men and women who are hungry for self care and practicing it. We're better together, won't you be apart of our community


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