Meet IOME's Health & Wellbeing Coach, Angie!

Uncategorized Apr 22, 2024

We are thrilled to welcome Angie to the IOME team & community!

Angie is a Certified Personal Trainer and Health & Wellbeing Coach. Angie will be primarily working out of our Windsor and Ft Collins locations. She is going to add so much value to our community with her expertise in Individual Coaching, Personal Wellness, Goals + Solution Focused Skills, Stress Management, Work/Life Harmony and Much More!

We asked Angie a few questions so the IOME Community can get to know her better, check out her answers below! You can also check out Angie's page here!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. (Where are you from, family, etc).
I am a Colorado native! I love to do anything active outdoors including skiing, hiking, mountain biking, road biking, paddle boarding, and walking the dog. This summer I’ll be starting to gravel bike so please share your favorite routes. I met my adventurous husband at a mountain bike race and bikes have been a large part of our lives ever since that day. My husband and I have two funny, loving, energetic, and active daughters. We are often on the move! When at home, I love to tend to my garden. I’ll have plenty of zucchini to share in the summer. I do not share my tomatillos! Those I keep to make as much salsa as possible. In some of my spare time, I also enjoy coaching middle school girls in mountain biking. More girls on bikes is our motto!

Why did you become a Health & Wellbeing Coach?
Originally I went through the coaching training and certification because I worked in an organization where our team supported 2500 employees on their personal journeys to wellbeing. Employees would ask for guidance and I knew what they should do and I’d tell them. However, I didn’t fully grasp the behavior change process to help them succeed at sticking to these changes. Health and Wellness Coaching training gave me the tools to help support others in their behavior change efforts and it helped them become the best versions of themselves..

What specific services do you offer?
Health and Wellbeing coaching is appropriate for any area of your personal wellbeing where you’d like to see lasting changes. Remember that coaching is future based and focuses on action and accountability. You can engage in coaching stand alone or to compliment any counseling services you may receive.

Why did you decide to work for IOME?
It’s quite serendipitous really! I met Becky Lauridsen when IOME was in its infancy. She came to my employer at the time and asked to support our staff. I was immediately energized by Becky and her burnout to self care story. I couldn’t wait to bring her in to support our staff. Becky has a passion for wellbeing, empathy toward everyone she meets, and a deep rooted belief in self care which makes her so desirable to work with. When the opportunity presented itself to apply to work at IOME, I didn’t hesitate and was only excited. The idea of being on a team that fully supports the wellbeing of others and working for an employer who fully believes in her staff and their wellbeing just felt so good in my heart.

Why do you believe self care is nonnegotiable?
There was a time when I held my dream job in corporate wellness. My job was to support the wellbeing of our 2500 employees. I worked with a great team and loved our employees. I knew all of things to do for stress relief, yet I found myself totally burned out. I ignored all of the symptoms and my dream job was no longer dreamy. On top of it all, I was no longer the wife, mom, friend, daughter, sister that I wanted to be. I didn’t take my own advice and sent myself into the burnout spiral of what happens when you let your own self-care go. The feelgood self care things were no longer enough. I finally realized I had to do the real deep self care work to get myself back on track to being the best version of myself.  I care so much about those around me and in order to be the the wife, mom, friend, etc that I really want to be, it’s imperative to make sure my batteries are charged and I’m showing up as the best version of myself. This is why I believe self care is nonnegotiable.

How do you incorporate guilt free self care into your daily routine?
Gosh, the feel good self care things are still in my bag of tricks. I love to get massage on a regular basis and I must get exercise of some sort every day. Now I’m better at setting my boundaries, I check in on my emotional battery and honor myself when I’m low, I allow myself to say no. I regularly check in with my own therapist. I make sure to check in with friends.

Who is your ideal client? Who do you love working with the most?
I enjoy working with people who are curious, who want to bring out the best version of themselves, and who are open to trying something new.

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about starting therapy?
Your personal wellbeing is important. My job is not to diagnose or fix you. I will work with you as your support or safety net while you work toward the best version of yourself.



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