Health & Wellness Coach

Angie Rhodes
Certified Health & Wellbeing Coach
Certified Personal Trainer

Angie Rhodes

IOME member discount:Ā 

StandardĀ Coaching Rate: $155 per sessionĀ 
IOME Rate: $120 per session


Individual Coaching + Personal Wellness + Goals + Solution Focused Skills + Stress Management +Ā  Work/Life Harmony


Angieā€™s journey to Health and Wellbeing Coaching began while supporting employee wellbeing through her extensive work experience in corporate wellness. This is where she found joy in one-on-one coaching to support individuals on their personal wellness journey.

As a certified health and well-being coach and a certified personal trainer, Angie understands that no journey is easy or straightforward and instead will create a plan specifically tailored for you to support you as you navigate the twists, turns, ups and downs of your personal wellbeing path. She will partner with you to understand your individual goals, focus on your strengths, and be an accountability partner as you flow toward the vision of the best version of yourself that you wish to be.Ā 

Activities on Angieā€™s wellness journey include skiing, mountain biking, walking the family dog, gardening, paddleboarding, meditation, gratitude, and yoga.


Angie Rhodes
(970) 235-0010
[email protected]

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