Perfectionism is not Healthy Striving

Aug 19, 2021

Are you a perfectionist?

You know that voice in our head that tells us we must get it done or we will get written up, fired, or called out if we don’t? 

That voice is perfectionism and it makes us think that it is the whole knower, all predictor and if we do not follow it, our life will go to shambles.  I picture The Simpson's character Superintendent Gary Chalmers yelling at...

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Anxious Thoughts and the Body

Jul 22, 2021

Anxious Thoughts and the Body

How do the brain and body relate? What can you do to become more in touch with your body?

The short but simple statement “think positive” and “don’t worry so much” can only go so far when our bodies are telling us a different story.  To truly “think positive” and “not worry so much” we need to go beyond our...

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Burnout: How you know you've reached your limit

Sep 24, 2020

Burnout is more common now than ever before because we are living in an era of doing everything! We are connected to things all of the time and rarely truly take a break from the things that bog us down. IOME's trained supporter, Mackenzie, is here to share with you what the signs of burnout look like and how you know you have truly reached your limits.

Mackenzie, one of IOME's Trained...

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