It's time to start parenting your phone

So ironically enough, this week's #IOMEPromise stemmed from an idea I heard during a Podcast I was listening to last week. After taking inventory of what I was listening to, I decided to listen to a few new podcasts that were recommended to me; one of them being Behind the Scenes. This week's #IOMEPromise stems from their idea: 

Be a parent to your phone.

When I first heard that I had zero idea what it meant, but after it was explained more it made complete sense! Parent your phone in the ways you parent your children (or if you don't have children, think hypothetically here). Parents put their kids to bed before they put themselves to bed, right? And usually they are up before their children get up. Treat your phone the same way! 

Put your phone to bed at a certain time every night, trying to stay consistent at least the nights that you're home/in your regular schedule. Plug it into the charger, say goodnight and leave it until the morning. Then, as you wake up in the morning make sure you are completely awake before you wake your phone. Enjoy your coffee, workout and quiet time first. Take care of you, then wake up your phone. 

Give it a try this week and let's see how it goes. I promise you can do it!


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