Meet IOME's new therapist, Laura!

Uncategorized May 06, 2024

We are thrilled to have Laura join the IOME team!

Laura is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate that will be primarily working out of our Windsor, Ft Collins, and Greeley locations. Laura works with individuals, families, couples, children & adolescents! She is going to add so much value to our community with her expertise in Anxiety, Depression, Stress Management, Life Transitions, Relationships, and Much More!

We asked Laura a few questions so the IOME Community can get to know her better, check out her answers below!

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself: My name is Laura, and I am excited to be joining the IOME team! I am from California and was raised in Texas. I graduated from Baylor University and made the move to Colorado a few years ago when I started my Masters degree at the University of Northern Colorado. I am currently a PhD student at UNC studying Counselor Education and Supervision.
  • Why did you become a therapist? I became a therapist because I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. I wanted to be a supportive person who helps clients through their struggles and helps them be the best version of themselves. I wanted to be a person who people could talk to through all the parts of their life– both the hard parts of life and the exciting parts!
  • What specialties and/or experience do you have?:  I enjoy working with people in all stages of life and am honored to be part of every client’s life journey! Some of my areas of specialities include relationships, life transitions, stress management, anxiety, and depression. I have experience working with adults, children, and teens. I enjoy working with individuals and couple & family systems!
  • Why did you decide to work for IOME? I really appreciate the wide variety of clients that IOME serves along with the different ways that IOME offers self-care– counseling, educational courses, infrared sauna, etc. I believe in caring for people as a whole and especially appreciate IOME’s value of self-care for both clients and employees. I also appreciate IOME’s encouragement of self-care by the way they promote it in the workplace.
  • Why do you believe self care is non negotiable? I believe self-care is a non negotiable because I think self-care provides the opportunity to refill our own cups so that we can pour into the other important parts of our lives; we can’t do this if we constantly give without filling ourselves back up. If we are taking care of ourselves we are able to show up in other spaces as our best selves.
  • How do you incorporate guilt free self care into your daily routine?: I incorporate self-care into my daily routine in different ways. I enjoy waking up early enough to have an easy morning without rushing into the tasks and busyness of the day. I also prioritize doing things I truly enjoy throughout the day like listening to music, going for a run, or hanging out with my friends & family. I think self-care can look different for everybody. For me, it means doing things that make me feel rejuvenated and energized!
  • Who is your ideal client? Any client who comes to therapy is the ideal client. I enjoy working with anyone who takes the time out of their day to be here. I hope to create a space where clients feel they can show up as themselves and know that they will be seen, heard, and understood.
  • What would you say to someone who is on the fence about starting therapy?: Therapy can be scary, and you are so courageous for taking that first step. Therapy can be a great place to celebrate the exciting parts of life and talk through the hard parts of life together. 

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