Why you should be asking for help

Uncategorized Nov 03, 2019

Please hear my heart when I say this, "you can do anything, but you cannot do it everything." I don't know who came up with this, but it wasn't me- as much as I wish it was because it totally hit me right in the gut. 

Do you struggle with delegating and asking for help? Do you feel like you're failing, burning out and just spinning your wheels trying to do everything demanded of you? 

You. Are. Not. Alone. 

We cannot run ourselves into the ground trying to accomplish all of the things, instead we should be (and really need to be) asking for help! Asking for help can help us:

  • Reduce stress and anxiousness 
  • Build trust-filled bonds within friendships/relationships
  • Free up space/time in our lives for the things we truly want to do, not  have to do
  • Emulate joy to others and encourage others to delegate 

I made a short video to help describe why I believe you should be asking for help and a prime example of how I ask for help in my life. I believe in practice what you preach, and believe me I am practicing! 

Click here for the video

I hope you can implement a habit of asking for help in just one or two areas in your life. Maybe with the house chores, grocery shopping, business/work obligations or the school/kid activities- these are just some of the areas we can begin to ask for help. 

Give it a try this week. See where you can open up time and energy for yourself! 


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