Starlyn Haneman
Health and Wellness Coach, 
Wholesome Rebel Wellness LLC

Wholesome Rebel Wellness, LLC

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Wholesome Rebel Wellness, LLC

Meet Starlyn Haneman, a certified Integrative Health Coach, a wife, and a mother to 2 spicy girls. She has been on her own journey of struggling with the overwhelm and stress of being a woman and a parent, with trying to “be all” and “do all”, with having very high expectations ofherself, and always putting her health and wellbeing on the backburner. After realizing that this was not the role model she desired to be for her daughters, she cultivated a fulfilling life that has brought her so much more calm and confidence.
She is now passionate about helping others find their own version of health, both mentally and physically. Starlyn acknowledges that each person has a different past and different goals. She
uses an individualized approach with her clients to assist them in stepping out of the chaos, setting goals in alignment with their desires, and then guiding them towards the healthy and happy life they have been dreaming of.
When Starlyn isn’t working on her mission to make the world a more happy and healthy place, she can usually be found walking her dog, enjoying the beauty of Colorado, cooking for her
family, or working on her home remodel (yes, she is a DIYer!).



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