IOME has been an amazing resource and inspiration for me both personally and professionally! I had “aha moments” every time I talked to Becky. IOME is life changing!

— IOME Member

Becky is knowledgeable, personable, and passionate. The events are laid back yet informative, and helped me get out to enjoy myself, guilt free!

— IOME Member


Our Services

At IOME, our mission is simple; making self care a necessity, not a luxury! We strive to create a place where women can restore a sense of peace and self-confidence in themselves. How do we do this? Well, first, we offer our self care services for the mind, the body, and the soul. Under these categories, you will be able to find an eclectic list of services we provide for our members.

What Do You Get as a Member?

As an official member with IOME, you will receive an initial one-on-one consultation with your assigned Trained Supporter, a licensed mental health provider.

In this consultation, we want to know YOUR STORY. You will be able to discuss what you feel has been lacking in your life, what is going well in life, or what has been causing your stress, doubt, and fears.

From this, your IOME Trained Supporter will give you individualized goals and gather a list of services that could help your overall well-being.

As a member (either the Standard, All Inclusive, or Basic), you will also receive exclusive discounts on many self care services from our Official Business Partners. Services range from body massages, nutrition guidance, mental health therapy, and even our date night packages!

AND, incorporated in the All Inclusive and Standard IOME memberships is access to our monthly educational events. These virtual outings allow members to connect with others, socialize, and learn many self care tips and tricks from our business partners.

Achieving Overall Wellness

What makes IOME unique is that we do not just offer traditional mental health counseling. We believe that wellness goes so much deeper. Overall wellness, in IOME standards, involves the mind, the body, and the soul. To improve your wellness and health, contact IOME today and ask about the benefits of membership.