Ideal Metabolic Health & Body
Human Restoration, Minimally Invasive Aesthetics
& Muscle Stimulation

Ideal Metabolic Health & Body

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Ideal Metabolic Health & Body

Dr. Lentz and her team are dedicated to Human Restoration, a holistic approach to returning the body to optimal health. With a decade of expertise in nutrition, Dr. Lentz explores its profound impact on quality of life and longevity. Their focus is on reducing or eliminating medication needs and alleviating chronic conditions through lifelong habits. Specializing in non-invasive treatments for the skin and body, they achieve remarkable results without fillers, Botox, or surgery. Operating at a cellular level, clients can trust that the outcomes are a natural response to the treatments. Driven by a commitment to self-care and an enhanced quality of life, this physician-led healthcare group provides comprehensive, personalized care.

Services provided include: Human Restoration, Minimally invasive aesthetics (Morpheus 8 by InMode) face and body, Non invasive aesthetics (Define by InMode) face, Non invasive aesthetics and muscle stimulation (Transform by InMode) body, female incontinence and vaginal health and aesthetics (Vtone, FormaV, Morpheus V by InMode), intensive metabolic program (3 months) to impact chronic conditions, diabetes, and weight for longevity and quality of life including blood work and labs. BioIdentical Hormone therapy (BioTE) blood work and labs. Epicutis Medical grade 100% non Toxic Skin Care line.



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