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Gunner Dog Treats

Gunner Dog Treats is a home based small business founded on a passion for pets; especially Ole Gunner Dog. Gunner was a big yellow lab full of mischief and lived a wonderful life in Northwest Colorado. He was truly Willie's best friend that lived to a fruitful age of 14 until his passing. We offer several treats that were his favorites; out top seller is smoked wild game bones, antler chews and wholesome ingredient dog biscuits.
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Our specialty!!! Wild game chews are prepared from bones freshly harvested from elk, deer, antelope and an occasional moose. We only use the femur bones as the are the strongest. All natural with no additives and smoked with a blend of hickory & fruit wood. Dogs absolutely love them!!!

We also offer:
Wholesome ingredient dog biscuits
Basted elk antlers
Fun toys
CBD products exclusively for dogs & cats


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