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Keeping up with the Joneses

Money...One of the least talked about areas in life. In fact, you may even talk more about sex than you do about money! Why is that? I believe it's because you don't have a good relationship with it. And you don't have a good relationship with it because you don't really know how to use it according to what you value in life. You want to travel more but feel like you can't afford to. You want to go out to eat without stressing about the bills. You want to go to a concert without feeling guilty for spending the money.  You want to scale your business but each month you make more money, you have more expenses.  There are so many things you want to do but don't feel like you are able to. THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT. It simply means you weren't taught how to look at money from a values standpoint. 
My super-power is helping you realize what brings value to your life so you can prioritize your dollars according to those values. You almost immediately feel a weight lifted off your shoulders because you have a path to follow to reach your dreams. You learn how to release the negativity you experience with money and see all the opportunities that open up. You start to scale your business for impact not income. You no longer feel like you are terrible with money! Instead you feel like a rockstar because you are seeing results with your money. This goes for your personal finances and your business finances. Your values play a large part in building a financially sustainable business!
Shame, guilt, restriction, and scarcity have no place in your life or business especially when it comes to your finances. Instead let your values lead and see how the money follows!
I have been debt free (except for our mortgage) twice! Now, my husband and I are 100% debt free, are full-time RVer's, run several businesses and find ourselves in the top 25% of Americans for Net Worth. I know what it takes to change your financial situation in a way that lasts a lifetime, not just the meantime.  When you are ready to release the guilt, shame, frustration, and confusion with money, I will be here.


Sarah Jones
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