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Keeping up with the Joneses

Keeping up with the Joneses doesn't have to be a negative thing! We are dedicated to guiding people to a place of financial security, peacefulness, and freedom with the understanding that you still want to live a fulfilled life. We believe:
* Everyone deserves to live a debt free life
* Everyone needs to have a true understanding of the behavior side of their spending
* Every marriage has the ability to communicate about finances in a productive manner
* No one needs to be on their financial journey alone
* Everyone has the ability to dream about their life again without the weight of the World on their shoulders
* Everyone deserves access to financial literacy and education that is easy to understand and tailored to their specific situation.
Sarah had a long, oftentimes, painful financial journey. She has gone through one marriage that ended in divorce, single parenthood, a second marriage that went through a long period of turmoil, more debt than her income could support, the inability to dream about what life could look like. She has also had dreams come true because of dedication, hard work, and a solid plan. What she learned during her journey is that being a single parent is hard and feels lonely sometimes, that communicating with your spouse about finances is very difficult if you don't understand where the other is coming from, that it's ok and even freeing to reach out for guidance, and that she wanted to help everyone that's ready, to reach their financial dreams quicker and less painfully than she has. Keeping Up With The Joneses Financial Coaching was born because Sarah believes everyone deserves to live a healthy financial life.


Sarah Jones
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