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Good Ol' Boys

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Good Ol' Boys

Mark and Marlayna are a father and daughter team. Having each experienced serious physical trauma in their lives, they are inspired daily with a single thought that is foremost on their minds: WHO CAN WE HELP—TODAY…?!

In each of us resides an internal system (The Endocannabinoid System) that works to Operate…Maintain…Regulate and Repair our entire "LIVING SYSTEM…!" This system is operated by cannabinoids created in our bodies for our bodies, to facilitate the operation of this critical internal system…a system without which we could not sustain our lives…. The Hemp Plant creates molecularly similar cannabinoids that also bind with cannabinoid receptors in our bodies to facilitate the operation of this "most" critical system, always working to keep our entire living system in balance—HOMEOSTASIS…! Unfortunately, most people do not create a sufficient number of these cannabinoids to operate this internal system at "optimal levels." This can cause many adverse medical conditions: migraine's…fibromyalgia…irrigable Bowel Syndrome…to name three of dozens of adverse medical conditions caused by this lack of cannabinoids created in our bodies. 

Mark and Marlayna have partnered with leading scientists (Ivy League PhD's) and a host of others who have dedicated decades and 100,000's of thousands of man-hours in the field of Hemp Products, Extracting and Formulating to create products of the highest Quality, Purity and Potency in the industry. That is why they can deliver to you the Worlds Finest Broad Spectrum, 3rd Party Laboratory Tested, THC-Free (0.0% THC) Hemp Oil/CBD Products—found nowhere else on—"EARTH…!!!" 


Mark and Marlayna
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