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Short answer Yes!

It is a misconception to think you must wait until you have “hit rock bottom” or are struggling to start therapy.  We all have family dynamics to explore, struggles in relationships, struggles with feeling happy, grateful, or excited.  We also sometimes have the urge to grow or outgrow things that no longer serve us.   Therapy provides a comfortable space to explore all these feelings with someone who is unbiased.  The therapist is not part of our inner circle and does not have the emotional attachment, or history that our family and friends have with us.

Do your research ahead of time, look at specific specialties that the therapist has, do a complimentary consultation. Likely within 1-2 sessions you will be able to recognize if it is a good fit.  Rest assured that if you find it is not a good fit, there are multiple therapists to choose from.  Reach out to Becky if you are finding you need another option for a therapist.

Therapy is a process and sometimes difficult to describe.  It is your time and space for processing thoughts, feelings in your body, past struggles, current successes no matter how small.  Therapy can sometimes bring up difficult emotions and feelings. Overall, it should feel like a comfortable space to open up and get your thoughts and feelings out, while not feeling judged.  You can stop and start therapy at any time, it is beneficial to track your progress session to session.   Some of the benefits could include- creating positive habits for yourself, learning self-compassion, learning to set boundaries.  Sessions are typically 50 minutes. 

Yes! 100% confidential. We only report utilization numbers back to your employer, there won't be any demographics that could jeopardize your confidentiality. 

The only limit to your confidentiality is if we are mandated to report based on the information you share. This will only be the case if you report child abuse, elder abuse, suicidal ideation, and/or homicidal ideation.

Good for you! We can still offer support to you in a coaching platform, holding you accountable for your wellness goals. You'll also find a plethora of resources in our Self Care Community you'd be able to take advantage of.

If interested, you are still encouraged to book a therapy session to review what your next steps are. 

YES! Absolutely! As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I have witnessed hundreds of clients who were struggling with depression, anxiety, and many other negative emotions that were severely impacting their day to day success and well being. For many of them, coming to counseling was almost too little too late.

I believe that through consistent self care we can PREVENT things like depression, anxiety, and other negative emotions. Through taking care of yourself first and foremost, you can be the best YOU, best wife/husband/partner, best mother/father, best in your career, your best EVERYTHING!

Great work! You will receive 5 sessions per issue per year. It will be up to you and your therapist to determine if you can continue with another 5 free sessions.

If not, don't worry! You have a few options.

- Use an in-network therapist for additional therapeutic support
- Continue with your current IOME therapist for only $105 per session


- Just call/text 970.620.8200 to book one of your 5 free sessions. 
- Click this link ( to review the available therapists and select the best fit. From there, you'll have the ability to directly book a session
- Review our available therapists and schedule a free (doesn't count towards one of your 5) consultation to ask specific questions


“You deserve the best because your loved ones deserve the best of you.”

- Becky Lauridsen 
IOME Founder


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