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Courageous Parents

Dr. Chrissy Chard (she/they) is the founder of Courageous Parents, an organization dedicated to supporting parents, grandparents and caregivers to Parent And Reparent with Empathy, Nurturing, Trust and Support. She journeys alongside parents as they learn to access a grounded, healing-centered approach to parenting that is aligned with each person's unique values and strengths. As a parent of three, she knows deeply the rollercoaster of experiences and emotions that parenting entails, from awe, profound joy, and elation, to guilt, despair, and even rage… yes, rage can be here too. She also knows what healing and transformation feel like, which is why she now dedicates her life and work to supporting other parents in their journey. Working with Chrissy means you will delve into the latest neuroscience of effective parenting, attachment theory, nervous system science, and somatic coaching. She journeys alongside you as you learn to access your courage, uncover what is getting in the way, and pave your own parenting path centered in self-trust and compassion.



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