Normalizing negative thoughts can be a dangerous thing for your health. Assuming that thoughts or feelings are normal can be a dangerous path, especially when they aren’t serving a fulfilling or enriching purpose. For instance, you may feel like the anxiety you feel on a daily basis is normal, or that by remaining silent about how you feel, you are remaining strong on behalf of the people around you.

Determining that something is normal isn’t your job. Being quiet about negative, unfulfilling thoughts can be poisonous to your mental health. Assuming that your anxious or self-deprecating thoughts and feelings are normal is not correct, and needs to be addressed.

When you begin to think negative, unrewarding thoughts, and believe them to be normal, you make excuses for yourself. Instead of giving yourself love and thinking nurturing thoughts, you normalize negative ones instead. This allows anxious feelings and thoughts to become second-nature, which makes them twice as hard to break later on.

Negative thoughts can target you when you least expect it. Pretending that your feelings are invalid can enable you to repeat the same unfulfilling thoughts over and over again. In order to find real, effective treatment for your anxiety and/or depression, your first step is to recognize that your thoughts need to be adjusted, rather than buried and dismissed.

IOME is here to help!



IOME was created with the idea that mental health isn’t just cured with sessions of verbal therapy. Though counseling is definitely an aspect of therapy and treatment for anxiety and depression, we believe it goes a little deeper. At IOME, we treat your mind, body, and soul, by offering holistic services to our members. Instead of offering “quick-fix treatments,” we offer nourishing treatments, such as massage therapy, nutritionist services, fitness training, social gatherings, and so much more!

Our treatments are based on the idea that self-care is something that many overlook. By caring for your mind, body, and enriching your life, you can give yourself the care you deserve — think of it like an “I owe me” rather than an “I owe you!”

We, at IOME, are here to help you regain a sense of purpose and self-love.


At IOME, we believe that you owe it to yourself to seek the right treatment to enrich your life. Quietly suffering through your negative thoughts and feelings is not helping anyone, especially not you or your family. When you are happy, healthy, and enjoying your life, you are at your very best for your loved ones. Living through negative feelings serves no purpose and can leave a dark shadow over your family. Being able to confront your feelings and find things that improve your mood and mental thoughts are the best initial steps to receiving the right treatment for your mental health.

What is stressful about anxiety and depression is that there is no one-size-fits-all approaches. Each form of anxiety is unique to you and your “triggers.” Unfortunately, there is no real way to fully treat everyone with a single, magical formula. Instead, your mental health needs to be treated by visiting with a professional that can help decipher the level of your anxiety and what natural remedies can be utilized to help you through your negative thoughts and feelings.

At IOME, we offer self-care assessments that can determine whether you are doing everything you can to improve your mental and physical health; this means we will take into account your physical fitness levels, the amount of sleep you are getting, your work schedules, and your social schedules. All of these factors play a pivotal role in your mood and mental health. Self-care goes beyond the occasional bath or facial mask — self-care takes into account your whole being and whether you are enjoying your life to the very fullest.


You may wonder, “who are these people to determine the state of my self-care?” Well, our team is well trained in mind and body therapy. Most notably, our founder, Becky Lauridsen, is a licensed professional counselor that has worked to help clients work through their negative thoughts and feelings in the past. In her career, Becky has been able to help treat people who have struggled with self-image, anxiety, as well as depression. It wasn’t until Becky noticed a trend with her female clients that she realized women were not getting the self-care they needed to sustain happy, healthy lives. It was then that the idea of IOME was created.

IOME was established with the mission to provide women with a service that could offer them self-care plans flexible to their individual needs.

Just as every woman is not the same, so is their self-care options. Because everyone has different ideas of their self-care, this makes mental health a large and ranging topic. However, as a member of IOME, we will be able to determine what specific treatments you will respond to in a positive, healing way. From there, we can create a self-care plan that supports your mental health and encourages heightened self-esteem.

Why are women at a higher risk of anxiety?


Women are more prone to developing mental illnesses, such as anxiety and depression than men. With this statistic, it begs the question — why? Women are at a higher risk of developing a mental illness, but what does science have to say about it?

In a study performed in 2014, it was hypothesized that women were at a higher risk for mental illness due to hormonal changes throughout their lives. Genres of depression, such as postpartum depression, menstruation depression, and perimenopausal depression, all have shown to represent mood changes in women. It was found, that cases of depression could be correlated to the hormonal fluctuations of a woman’s life. However, hormonal changes are not the sole reason for depression in women. For instance, self-image also plays a huge role in feminine mental health. How a woman feels about her self, her body, and your purpose in life, all dramatically affects how she feels. Self-doubt and negative thoughts can both bring even the strongest woman down.

What is most disturbing about these statistics is that nearly 18.1 percent of the American population struggles with anxiety, yet only 36.9 percent seek treatment. That means there are millions of people out there that are silently struggling with their anxiety. But why?

Unfortunately, the term “mental illness” has a very negative aftertaste in people’s mouths. To have an illness, mental or physical, means to a lot of people that you are not whole, or not functioning at 100 percent. “Mental illness” is a term that many steer clear of, but, without taking the proper actions to ensure that your mental health is being cared for, you can run the risk of developing a serious illness.

Self-care is one method of treatment that helps remedy feelings of sadness or anxiety in natural ways. Instead of relying of medication to treat your emotions, you can use self-care remedies to make yourself feel better.

Most women feel anxious about their health, their physical health, or their physical image. At IOME, we have a series of services to help restore your mind and body to think in healthy, nurturing ways. Anxiety and depression become more prevalent as women age. Most of the time, these negatively feelings arise from when women believe that they are too fat, too skinny, too ugly, etc. Due to their perception of themselves, they believe they are lacking in something or undesirable to others. At IOME, we use self-care methods to boost your confidence and adopt a healthy style of living.

As we have stated, mental health incorporates a lot more than just your brain. Your thoughts and feelings can be linked to how you interpret your body and whether you are physically fit. If women have gained too much weight after having children, or do not have the physical exercise they need, it is natural to struggle with anxious thoughts and depression.

At IOME, we believe in a holistic approach to mental health, which is why we offer each of these services:


Mental Health Counseling: sometimes, the best way to feel better about something is to get it “off your chest.” At IOME, we have an experienced mental health counselor on staff ready to listen to what you have been going through. Not only will our counselor be able to listen to you speak about what has been troubling you, but she can offer advice and methods to cope with your feelings.

EMDR Therapy: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy has proven helpful for clients dealing with trauma, excessive anxiety, and depressive symptoms. During this form of therapy, your therapist will guide you through a series of questions to identify the core concern of your distress.

LIfe Coaching/ Business Coaching: Aside from mental health counseling, our staff can offer life coaching and business coaching advice. Due to the fact success in both personal and business aren’t always driven by numbers, personal adjustments in attitude can have a major effect on your life.


Massage Therapy: Self-care practices include doing things you enjoy. At IOME, we are proud to provide our members with body massages to release stress and decompress from a long day.

Personal Fitness Training: Physical fitness training is available to our members who want to improve their physical health. With our training program, you can receive individualized training and support to meet your weight loss goals. Most of the reason women feel depressed or anxious is that they feel they can no longer have stunning, healthy bodies. We are here to change that!

Nutritionist Services: A large part about the way you feel is what you eat. Our nutritionist services can help you gain knowledge of what to eat to maintain a balanced diet. Learning how to set goals and meet them can be the first step to changing your current mindset.


Date Night/ Girls Night: At IOME, we believe in holistic remedies to your anxious feelings. Though caring for the body in important, you should also treat yourself to social gatherings with your friends, family, or loved ones. Our Date Night/ Girls Night Packages can include, but are not limited to, movie tickets, gift certificates, and other fun events and experiences.

Financial Security: A lot of anxiety is due to small worries related to your personal finances. To help cope with your anxiety, we offer financial services to help you create strategic financial plans for your family. We do this in the hopes that by squaring away these worries, you will be able to relax and limit your fears and anxiety.

Book Club: There really is nothing like a good book. At IOME, we believe that your health goes well beyond your body. We also believe that your mind needs to be exercised and cared for as well. People who dedicate themselves to reading a good book often feel better and less anxious. By adhering to a good book, you can give yourself purpose, as well as a challenge. And, once you have completed your book, IOME has our own book club to socialize and discuss the books’ topics.

Safety and Security: Anxiety feeds on fear and doubt. When you are fearful about your safety and doubtful that you can protect yourself, this can make you more anxious. IOME hosts Safety and Security meetings that teach women simple ways to get in control of their safety. In our meetings, you can learn ways to protect your home, vehicles, and social media accounts. And, we also work as a group to come up with ways to work through anxious feelings, especially in public places.


Much of the challenge with anxiety is that many of us ignore it. Feeling anxious about some things is completely natural, however, prolonged, disruptive anxiety can keep you from living the life you want. If you are noticing that you are anxious most of the time, you may have to address your thoughts and feelings.

When people have anxiety, it mostly is because they haven’t addressed a larger, underlying problem in their lives. Working with a counselor is the first step to figuring out if there is an underlying problem or you are at risk for developing an anxiety disorder. Since there are many out there that struggle with anxiety, there are many different techniques to cope with anxious thoughts. At IOME, we choose to handle anxious and depressive thoughts head-on and through many different methods.

If your anxiety or depression is keeping you from doing the things you love or making you less available for your loved ones, enough is enough! You shouldn’t have to struggle through your life. If you are truly concerned about your anxious thoughts, sitting down with a trained mental health counselor is the best way to start understanding what you are feeling.


Contact IOME today if you are interested in any of our services. We are happy to welcome new members! If you have any questions, visit our website or contact us!