It's time to start parenting your phone

Oct 27, 2019

So ironically enough, this week's #IOMEPromise stemmed from an idea I heard during a Podcast I was listening to last week. After taking inventory of what I was listening to, I decided to listen to a few new podcasts that were recommended to me; one of them being Behind the Scenes. This week's #IOMEPromise stems from their idea: 

Be a parent to your phone.

When I first heard...

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Cold or warm showers? You'd be surprised what health experts say.

Oct 13, 2019

There are hundreds of resources out there recommending cold showers over warm ones. Believe me, I was surprised to hear this, too. Maybe surprised isn't the right word, more shocked! Who the heck in their right mind wants to take a cold shower? I sure don't! 

I started researching and looking into the reasons as to why and much to my surprise, I'm actually excited to see how it can...

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7 Steps for Emotional Management

Jul 08, 2019

I screamed at my kid today. I mean, loud, ugly screamed at her. It was awful. I am sick to my stomach right now as I write this.

She didn’t do anything outside what an average four year old does. Pushing boundaries, making a mess, bossing me around, being too aggressive with her little sister, and singing too loud. Typical day. Right?

No, this wasn’t a typical day. Perhaps from an...

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