Madi, Massage, Add Ons, Oh My!

massage Jan 08, 2024

Read below to learn more about Madi and her massage services for our wonderful IOME community!

Madi is a Licensed Massage Therapist that will be working out of our Windsor location. She adds so much value to our community with her wide variety of massage skills & modalities!

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We asked Madi a few questions so the IOME Community can get to know her better, check out her answers below!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Although I’m originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I have lived in Colorado now for almost twenty years. I grew up along the front range in a small town called Erie (which has since grown). Colorado is such a beautiful state to call home, and I’m grateful to have so many available adventures just a short car ride away. In the summers, I love to go hiking and rock hounding with my husband. Although, this past spring we had our first child and didn’t partake in exploring outside of the house. Right now, I’m loving being a new mom, enjoying my career as a LMT, and learning how to embrace my relationship with both balance and change. 

Why did you become a massage therapist?

Growing up, I had a lot of traumatic experiences that gave me a difficult relationship with touch. After I graduated high school, I spent a couple years as a front desk receptionist at a spa. During this time, I received many free massages. I learned just how healing massage can be, not only to those who have had traumatic events around touch, but to all. Now, after having given hundreds of massages in the last couple years, I’ve also seen how much healing touch helps others from a second hand perspective. It’s honestly magical knowing that I have the gift to assist people in the way that I can. 

What specific services do you offer?

I offer a wide variety of unique services because I like to cater to a wide client base. I love the idea that I could offer some form of help to anybody that walked through the doors of IOME. The list of services I offer includes Swedish, neuromuscular, sports, deep tissue, trigger point, cupping, hot stone, and energy work. If you’d like to learn more about these services or how I can customize a massage for you, please visit to learn more or book a consultation.

Why do you believe self care is nonnegotiable?

I believe in the balance of self care because I’ve experienced an imbalance of self care- to both extremes. I’ve cared for myself to the point of neglecting those around me and cared for others to the point of neglecting myself. Neither feels right in the end. The times in my life I’ve felt the happiest and most fulfilled have been the times when I’ve prioritized properly and effectively caring for myself while still understanding and actualizing the needs of those I care about. 

How do you incorporate guilt free self care into your daily routine?

As a mom, wife, pet mom, family member, practicing LMT, and human being, I have a lot of spinning plates. The most essential way I’ve found to care for myself and others is through practicing presence in each of these roles. When I’m at work with a client, I’m fully there. When I’m in my bath relaxing with a cup of tea, I’m also fully there. Mindfulness prevents burnout, in my experience at least. 

Who is your ideal client? Who do you love working with the most?

I pride myself in my capacity to create a unique experience for every single client. If I’m able to get in flow and truly connect with somebody, I can find any style of massage to be my “best massage”. That being said, I have a true passion for energy work. The way that I practice this work specifically is by tuning into my client through a channel built on mutual trust and respect, and then I allow healing messages to come through during a completely hands on service. This usually looks like a massage that is spent entirely in a focus area, and it usually will elicit a moderate to massive energetic, emotional, and physical release. I would say it’s the work I do that is most unique to myself as a therapist, as well as the most effective. However, every client is different, every massage is different, and while this work will be the best fit for someone, standard Swedish massage may be the best fit for someone else.

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about trying massage?

I would say to push your own limits without violating your boundaries. Only you can decide what this means for you. If you’re curious about whether myself or massage are a good fit for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out and book a free consultation. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, I look forward to the prospect of working together!

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