Mental Health Counselor

Cynthia Aragon, MFTC
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Candidate


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Standard Therapy Rate: $155 per session 
IOME Rate: $120 per session


Women's Issues + Anxiety + Depression + Children + Teens + Young Adults +
Couples + Family Therapy


 As a Marriage and Family Therapist, Cynthia believes in creating a safe, fulfilling, and empowering environment for her clients as they journey through the highs and lows in life. She enjoys  working through a systematic lens with individuals, couples, family, adolescents, and children. Her focus is to enable them to achieve the healthy relationships that they desire. Cynthia uses a variety of therapeutic modalities such as strengths- based approach, mindfulness, DBT,CBT, emotionally focused therapy, Gottman, and systemic family therapy.

Cynthia had the privilege to work on a Behavioral Team with the public school system and a therapeutic day program, where she served preschool aged children to young adults within the foster care system. She supported children with growth in personal development skills, adjustments to transitions, working through trauma, promoting self- advocacy, and helping children learn new patterns and behaviors. Cynthia worked as a Program Coordinator, managing residential care for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. While there, Cynthia developed a strong person-centered approach as a driven interdisciplinary team member, strongly advocating for the needs of her client, and supporting the health of the individual at heart. 

Oftentimes, it may seem like life can be overwhelming and you are an emotional rollercoaster with no end point. Cynthia uses a gentle approach of connection and empathy to create a journey with her clients at their pace. She understands their pain and the importance of guiding them to the healthy relationship they desire with themselves or with others.


Cynthia Aragon
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